About Us

Sweet Temptations Beginnings

        Sweet Temptations Custom Artisan Cakes, LLC was established in 2014 as a home based bakery by Sonja Clanton. Sonja is a single mother of two that held a career in Law Enforcement as a Jail Sergeant for several years while continuing her passion in the cosmetology field. Sonja has always held two jobs to support her family. Sonja realized she could not meet her full potential in law enforcement. She needed more to fulfill her creative side artistically. Not realizing resigning would lead her into becoming a full fledge baker. Her first attempt in creating a cake for her daughter’s 21st birthday was posted on social media. From that point on every weekend she had an array of cake orders. Sonja decided to take her skill to another level and enrolled in a college course for Pastry Arts at the Virginia College. Graduating was a great accomplishment for her at age 40. February of 2015 Sonja was invited to the Capital Building in Richmond Virginia to create a cake for the Swearing in Ceremony for Delegate Joseph Preston. This also help generate a new level of customers.  After generating a clientele that exceeded out the front door and space become a major issue. Sonja began researching potential business options that would expand her horizon in the custom cake industry. This led her to consider renting a retail space that would allow her to produce more for the demands from her clients and expand their options.